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  • What Hospitalists Do…

    Hospitalists are inpatient doctors --The most basic definition of a Hospitalist is "a physician who works in the hospital all day." MiM Hospitalists are much more than that. Our Denver hospitalists offer you and your family a dedicated physician-focused on their progress through the hospital system, while maintaining concern for your health as a whole. When you are ready to go home, we facilitate that. We communicate with your primary care provider, any specialists you need, and help you schedule appointments before you leave.

    We have been honored to care for you.

  • Please NOTE:
  • MiM Hospitalists are not able to order medications or refills after discharge -- Please understand that though we would like to help, it is simply not safe for our physician to order you a medication that we cannot monitor. Therapy, Oxygen, and Home Health visits also need monitoring by your PCP. In most cases, your Primary Care Physician or specialist must complete prior authorizations and paperwork on your behalf. We cannot see outpatients -- none of our physicians have an outpatient clinic.


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After Your Discharge...


For Emergencies, Dial 911

Always Dial 911 in an emergency. Don't wait. If you have a question or a need that is not emergent, Call your PCP. MiM Hospitalists only see patients in the hospital--we cannot see outpatients, or take phone calls for patient questions after discharge.


Do you Need Medication Refills?

After your discharge, all refills need to be ordered and monitored by your Primary Care Physician or the specialist who follows you for that condition. MiM Hospitalists cannot refill medications after discharge. If your prescriptions require prior authorization, call your PCP office.


Do you need your Medical Records?

Once you leave the hospital, your records remain there. None of your records are kept in the MiM Administrative Offices -- they stay in the care of the Hospital, where your care was provided. Your Primary Care Provider will receive a copy, and you can request one as well. The SCL Hospitals have a single number for medical records: 303-467-4046. Medical records can also be requested online--click below for a link to the form and instructions to mail or fax it to the Hospital.


Pay Your Bill

MiM is proud to have been a part of your care. You will receive a separate bill for any remaining amounts, after your insurance pays the claim. If you have any questions, please call 720-245-6080. If we are unable to answer, please leave a detailed message and we will return your call. Your understanding of your billing responsibilities is important to us, and we want to answer questions if that is needed.

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  • Do you need to speak to our Administrative Office?

    Send us an email using this form: Contact Us


    Or give us a call, 303-825-4646. Remember, always dial 911 for Emergencies, and call your PCP for any after discharge medical need.

  • Meet Our Physicians

    Our physicians are our greatest asset, our best patient advocates and healers--our foundation and our future. Meet Our Family... The MiMdocs

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    We are partnered with the finest healthcare on the Front Range -- the hospitals of SCL Health -- Saint Joseph in midtown Denver, Good Samaritan in Lafayette and Lutheran in Wheatridge. Our Hospitals