We are always looking for a MiMdoc – Denver Hospitalist Jobs and Careers

Sadly, sometimes our Denver physicians move, or happily, want time off for children or travel. And we expand when the quality and balance are right. So, we are always looking for wonderful doctors to join our family. Are you one?

The providers of MiM are truly exceptional. Not only does MiM understand the need for professionalism, it also understands the need for physician leadership. They provide leadership that drives better communication, service and care to the patients within our hospital system. They accomplish this by leading by example, with participation and through engagement.

Scott Miner, MD Emergency Medicinee

I want to make sure that I express my feelings for this group of fine doctors. They are fantastic physicians and make it possible for me to do the work I do.

Ted Parks, MD Orthopedic Surgery

What sets us apart from the larger corporate hospitalist groups is that we have attempted to build relationships with the hospitals and the community. The cold hard machine of a larger corporate group never had a grasp of what their hospitals (or hospitalists) wanted, because they weren't local, and applied their model without much compromise.